Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Nomination That Has Nothing To Do With The RNC

Just wanted to share a bit of great news that I learned yesterday - "Independent Thinking" has been nominated for "Best Podcast" in the LA Weekly Web Awards 2012...! Very exciting - I have just passed the nine-month mark with the podcast, and being recognized by a publication as widely-read as the LA Weekly as one of the best podcasts around is a really great honor and will, hopefully, bring a few new curious folks to the show...

If you happen to read this on August 30, 2012 and it is still before midnight, there is still time for you to vote. Just follow this link to the Web Awards Voting. And thanks to everyone who clicked buttons to get the show nominated in the first place.

Other news - I have four days to go in a fundraising effort over on, to try to increase exposure for the show, buy a few pieces of equipment that would make live videocasting possible, etc. etc. The details are all over at the IndieGoGo Project. Four days and around $2,500 to go - if you can help out at all, please do, and thanks in advance.

Here's a video that goes with the fundraiser:

If you check out the video on the IndieGoGo page, you can see me hula-hooping. First time on video, EVER.

The funds raised will be going towards improvements to the show, some marketing and packaging, which will hopefully result in some advertising revenue and lead to the show becoming self-sustaining. And green. Synergy! (Sorry, feel like I'm spouting buzzwords whenever I ask people to contribute to something I'm doing...) But, I swear, any money raised will go to a good cause - dolphin-free tuna...

Here's something - a design that will be the new logo for the show and will go on business cards that I'll be able to share when I run into famous people at the Whole Foods and around town, and I can ask them to come on the show, and I'll look legit. Check it out:

We can be Heroes, just for one day.
So, nominated, IndieGoGo, new card design...yep, that's it for now. Back to your lives! Tomorrow on the show, it's "Fridays With Dean" and my good friend, comedian/musician Dean Evans back to talk about the week's events. Hope you'll join us.


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