Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Insert FIngers In Ears, Begin Humming

I am not watching the Democratic National Convention.

I did not watch the Republican National Convention.

I know that, as a political commentator and radio show host, I should probably be glued to a TV or my Internet feed and watch every second of every speech, but I can't bring myself to do it. For very much the same reason I don't watch those hour-long infomercials that play on most cable channels after 3 in the morning rolls around.

I don't like watching commercials.

And that's what these are. Big three- or four-day commercials that are carefully scripted and rarely hold surprises, if you don't let octogenarians on stage with talking chairs. Michelle Obama spoke tonight, and although I'm sure it was an inspiring, wonderful speech - it is only another part of the taxpayer-funded commercial that is this week's DNC, which is trying to outsell last week's RNC.

That's kinda what this boils down to. Both parties in our or-so-variety-filled political system are spending $68 million each ($18 mil per convention; $50 mil for security per convention) of taxpayer's money - $138 million dollars of your and my taxpayer dollars - to throw huge parties to convince us they know how to spend our money wisely during a time of fiscal crisis.

Funny, isn't it?

I know whenever I am having financial woes, the first thing I do is spend the Steve-sized equivalent of a stretch of highway or a small government program throwing a party to let everyone know I'm the guy in charge of my financial problems, and I am really going to be working to figure them out, doo-dah, doo-dah.

I would have been so impressed if, after meeting with Ron Paul supporters and agreeing in advance that the rest of the RNC was just going to pretend they were invisible, Romney and Obama had gotten together and said, "We're not going to have conventions this year. Why spend $138 million dollars to tell you President Obama is running for re-election, and Governor Romney has amassed enough delegates to be the Republican candidate...? Let's keep school lunches for another year and let the best man win!" I'd have more respect for that move than these prime-time political Flowbee love-fests.

I catch some of the best clips, if something amazing or jaw-dropping happens (i.e.: the afore-mentioned Eastwood improv with Invisible Obama). I expect the Obamas to give good speeches. I imagine the First Lady mentioned that she loves her husband and believes he is the best man for the job, much as Mrs. Romney did the same for her hubby. There will be some strong speeches - the President, who is a fine orator, teleprompters or not (they all use them), will deliver something inspiring and impassioned, and it will still all boil down to the way a few counties in Ohio vote in November.

Yay, the American Dream!

I do hope everyone will pay attention to the stories that are told in the coming weeks, and will also research the truth and the lies behind different statements that come out of the campaigns. We all need to be very informed going forward. Don't buy anything from a politician without testing it out, first. There are no money-back guarantees, and the shipping and handling fees are murder.

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