Saturday, August 18, 2012

Self-Indulgent Self-Promotion (Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?)

BREAKING NEWS: I'm happy to announce that coming back on "Independent Thinking" next Wednesday, August 22nd, is Gov. Buddy Roemer, one of my favorite Republicans and one of the best candidates during this most recent election cycle. He wasn't allowed on the national stage, but he had a strong base of supporters. He is currently working on something new called The Reform Project, and we'll find out what he hopes to accomplish with that group this coming Wednesday - 10AM PDT/1PM EDT on or

In other news - I've started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the show. I'm really happy with the way the audience has grown over the nine months, and I think the time is right to make a push to grow the show - putting up an official website, adding video when covering special live events, hiring on a publicist and possibly an intern to help with the booking of guests. It takes a lot of work to produce a daily radio show and I'd love to have some assistance.

Here's the video from YouTube that explains the fundraiser. Please, enjoy the Hula-Hooping!

You likey..? If so, then, please:


If you can stop by and give a couple of dollars (you don't have to select a perk, and every dollar helps) please do. If you're looking to advertise a product, event, or show, you can buy ads on "Independent Thinking" and reach tens of thousands of listeners from a world-wide audience. And, hopefully, as the show gets bigger, people will still be listening to the archived episodes and hearing your ads. It is, as they say in advertising and promotion, a "win-win."

Thanks for watching and helping, if you can. If you can't afford to give money, please share the Indiegogo site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit - wherever! Spread the word!

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