Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Rights Movement...

On Tuesday's show (12/20/2011), I spoke with two members of the Natural Rights Movement - Billy Singhas and Chad Knutsen essentially, a group of individuals who believe we are born with certain inalienable rights, among those being life, liberty and property.

Here's a video showing the roll out of one of their buses - they have a total of five coming. Her name is "Grace" and a quick, attention-getting video explains a little of what the movement is about:

Billy Singhas piloting "Grace".

Chad has the dubious honor of being the guy shot out of the Occupy LA Tree Fort the morning of the eviction on November 30th. He was shot twice at close range with a beanbag rifle.

Chad and his crown, looking straight down the barrel of oppression.

I told the guys I would share these links to the Natural Rights Movement.  Websites, emails and Twitter names.

the websites are

the NRM twitter is @TheNaRiMo
Chad's twitter is @Chadith
and the Facebook page is

If you want to read their Declaration of Freedom and Peace, go to the YouTube page and read it directly under the Natural Rights video (above).

Check these two out. The show is in the archive on iTunes and on  They make an interesting case for being a sovereign person.  If you want smaller federal government and more state and local control, you may be attracted to this movement. 

The worst that can happen? You hear someone else's point of view about things. 

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