Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Blog With A View

This is a series of videos that I think you should check out, when you have a few minutes (and isn't that why we're all reading blogs? Because we have a few minutes...?).  

The first is a quick audio clip of the interview I conducted with "Family Guy" writer Patrick Meighan, who was arrested during the eviction of Occupy LA on November 30th.  

His story is horrifying to hear, especially coming from someone who is such a nice, intelligent, and reasonable man.  I know Kent State happened, I've heard "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; but the idea that you could be physically assaulted by U.S. police while peacefully protesting...?


The full interview is available on iTunes and at the archives. If you can spare the 60 minutes it will take to listen to the show and hear his whole story, please check it out. I think it's important for everyone to hear.

Next, three commercial parodies...sorry, TWO. Two commercial parodies. The first one just felt like a parody. 

First up is the original political ad that kicked things off, (thank you, unintentional comedian Rick Perry), and the other two are a couple of the better parodies that landed immediately after his campaign ad was released.  


Amazing that a guy can be that proud of his Christianity while hating people who just want to be themselves and love who they want, right? 
A couple of wonderfully ironic things to point out about this ad:

1) the music was written by Aaron Copland, a famous 20th Century American composer...who was an outspoken gay Jew, 

and, 2):


Nice wardrobe choice, Douche.

This was the first parody I saw:


And then, this is just a nice touch, as well:


All of this within hours of this ad going viral.  Now, what have we learned here, ShowBuddies...?

The Internet is fast and mighty - worship at its feet, Pitiful Human!

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