Monday, November 7, 2011

Planning Stages - Phase One, In Which Doris Gets Her Oats...

Now that I've decided to get back into radio (see the previous blog for initial news about "Independent Thinking with Steve Gelder" which debuts the end of this month on New Dissident Radio), I have to put my evil master plan...I mean...I have to bring together elements to make the show tight, give it a professional feel and sound.

One of the first things I'm happy to announce is a theme song.  I wanted something driving and powerful, something that could open each show with a bang. I had a band in mind immediately, a group I've worked with in the past - squint.

squint - ©Nathan Hall Photography

These guys (along with many other great musicians and bands) were kind enough to let me use one of their songs in my first short film, "ARC" - the song was "Glimmer and Phrase" from their CD "Tinsel Life." ARC screened at over 30 film festivals around the world and became one of the most-awarded short films of 2005, winning 14 awards that year, including two "Best Of The Fest" honors.

I've stayed in touch with the band - the lead singer, Dane Adrian and I had dinner when he was in L.A. on business. We tried to convince Mark Cuban (yes, that Mark Cuban) to cover expenses so we could make an HD video for their song "Anthem For Closure" - we had a great concept and a good pitch, but it didn't fly.  The guys have released another CD, "Goodnight, Bad Intentions" - check it out at, along with the other tracks I mentioned from the earlier CD.

I returned to "Tinsel Life" and scanned through the tracks. And I found it, on the last track - the title song, "Tinsel Life".  The opening is a great riff that builds in intensity and completely delivers what I was looking for as a show intro.  I contacted Dane, told him what I was up to (kicking off a political talk show), and asked him if I could get permission from squint to use the song as my show music.

He told me he'd ask the guys and wanted a few more details about the show - what kind of slant was it going to have. I told him the name and that I am a registered Independent who has tended to vote mostly for Democrats or third-party candidates, but tries to approach things with logic and an open mind, and I was hoping to bring that to a show.  I also said I thought I would be focusing on the Occupy movement for the first week of the show, since I had been active with it out here since October 1.

squint - © Chet Smith

I spent a tense afternoon wondering if the guys would prefer to avoid my brand of politics, or just avoid the political mine field altogether.  When Facebook let me know a message had been returned, I jumped on it, and was absolutely psyched to see the band said yes.  Can't thank those guys enough.

And when this show blows up, squint, I will pay you, THREE times what I'm paying now, just as I promised.

I'm trying to attach a Widget to this blog so you'll be able to hear the new theme song - if that doesn't work, go squint's page and click on "Music". A player from ReverbNation pops up that will let you check out one of the hardest-working indie bands out there. These guys rock out at over 150 gigs a year, and it shows in both their live show and in the studio.

Remember, the song is "Tinsel Life" - it'll be the first thing you hear on November 28th when "Independent Thinking with Steve Gelder" premieres, streaming live, on

Talk to you then!

Edit 11/7: Couldn't get the Widget to attach - Dane suggested embedding a video instead, so, with no further ado, here's the title song to "Goodnight, Bad Intentions" ---

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