Friday, November 4, 2011

It Begins...!

Big things are brewin’ inside the ol’ Gelder farm…

Hi, I’m Steve. After years away from a career in radio that I entered in order to kick off my career in stand-up comedy that coincided with my additional career writing a syndicated newspaper column that preceded my current career as an actor/director/producer/editor…wait, what was I talking about again…?  Oh, yeah – I’m going to kick off another radio show, years after having left radio.

The show is “Independent Thinking with Steve Gelder” and it’s going to have a decidedly strong political bent. I am registered as an Independent voter, and I have always been someone who believes in taking in information, processing it, and coming up with solutions. I hope to be able to dissect some of the latest stories in the news and provide some interesting guests and points of view on a number of things from our ever-changing world.

I spent years traveling across the country, listening to conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck twist and distort stories to paint a grim picture of anything with a liberal slant. Now, it’s my turn.

There is no liberal media, or at least, not much of one. The initial lack of coverage coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement should clue you in to that. There have been accusations of police brutality, unnecessary force used in areas like Oakland and Denver, and potential millions spent on police overtime and future lawsuits, in order to…what? Stop some Americans from camping out and protesting about the government?

That seems like something a “liberal media” would be outraged about – yet, you see far more about the Kardashian divorce (yes, yes, we're alllllllll shocked) and the cancellation of Playboy Club than you do about the Occupy movement.

 I let my sign do my talking for me…
Anyway, more on that in future blogs and November 28, 2011, on the airwaves daily at

Thanks to Johnny Dam for opening up some time at the station for my style of talk radio.  We’ll learn some things together along the way, talk to people who agree and disagree with my point of view, and each show, I will try to explain a topical issue and recommend something you can do about it in a segment called "Everyday Activist" – things you can do easily, at home or at work, to possibly make a positive change in our day to day lives.

Thanks for reading, thanks for engaging in Independent Thinking, and get ready to say hello to Steve Gelder, the Honey Badger of Truth!

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