Friday, October 19, 2012

The Second #Debate

I have taken to live-Tweeting the debates this election cycle (since all the kids are doing it). Still finding it a challenge, but a fun one. As with the previous Presidential debate and the VP debate, sometimes I miss a key phrase or moment because I'm already absorbed in a thought I'm texting. This time around, the most popular catch phrase of the night, Romney's "binder full of women" went right past me.

Sixty-something Tweets during the debate, which ran a little long, or at least felt like it. Some pre-debate warm-ups (test Tweets..?):

Not sure which channel provided the video I will link to below this next brief set of Tweets. The video comes from Lawrence Gaughan's YouTube channel (Lawrence is a showbuddy). I was watching on CBS, which might explain my "opening credits" remark. It really did feel overblown.

Here is the debate video, in its entirety, courtesy of Gov360. Follow along at home and maybe see where I was making smart-ass comments along the way:


And we're off!

 And we reach the end of the debate, and a few afterTweets:

Chris Novembrino did join me for the breakdown show, that episode can be found HERE.

The third and final debate on Foreign Policy will take place Monday night. I'll be there live-Tweeting once again. If you'd like to follow my stream of consciousness while it's in motion, follow me on Twitter @SteveGelder.

Tweet to your Mother...!

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