Thursday, October 4, 2012

Losing My Live-Tweeting Cherry

I took advantage of huge technological advancements (me signing up for Twitter a year ago) and decided to engage in what the kids like to call "live-Tweeting" the first of three Presidential debates between Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama, and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Some of my Tweets (57 or so in an hour and a half) were really well received, and I picked up a few new Twitter followers. Kinda cool.

For those who weren't following along, here's every Tweet I live-Tweeted during the debate, some complete with typos and probably the occasional factual error, or lack of understanding on my part if a candidate wasn't explaining their position or point well. I realize looking at these that the majority of my negative Tweets were directed to Romney, with Jim Lehrer probably coming in second in that pecking order. I think Obama was so low-key and almost checked out that I didn't have as much to say about him one way or the other.

BTW, I reference a drinking game a couple of times during the debates - this is the game and these are the rules:

If you followed this game to the letter, you are probably having your liver replaced this week, so, good luck with that!

Now that you've got that - on to the pre-debate warm up Tweets! These are delivered in order, and as I said, replete with typos, errors and statements that some might find offensive.

At this point, the debate was underway. If you didn't see it, a lot of these comments that follow will not make sense.  If you'd like to follow along at home, here is the debate, in its entirety, provided by Lawrence Gaughan at

Now this will all make more sense.

And that's where I stopped watching. I added a few more Tweets into the mix after I had a little time to collect my thoughts, but what you're looking at there is how my brain works when forced to think and write in the moment, in 140 characters or less. I'm satisfied with the results, but I think I can do better with practice.

So, I'll be live-tweeting the Vice-Presidential debate on October 11 between contender Congressman Paul Ryan and reigning Veep Joe Biden. It's "The Throwdown About The Economic Slowdown!" BEEEEEEEE THERRRRRRRRREEE!!!!

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