Sunday, March 3, 2013

Website Up - Still a Work In Progress - But, Up!

Happy to say there is a new RSS feed for the show - you may want to add it from the web page, which has the past 20 or so episodes available in the archive. We also have some new episodes up on iTunes, but during the feed transfer, it appears a new iTunes channel may have been created for the show, which now isn't updating the latest episodes.

Ah, technology.

But the show is rolling an, and the archive is up, so why not spend a little time this weekend doing some "Independent Thinking"...?

Catch up on conversations with comedian and author Judy Carter about her book "The Message Of You"; ex-LAPD officer Brian S. Bentley talking about his belief in the things described in Christopher Dorner's manifesto; Thomas Gokey of Strike Debt, discussing the objectives and methods of the Rolling Jubilee from the Occupy Movement; director and filmmaker Jon Schnepp discussing his Kickstarter project for "What Happened? The Death Of "Superman Lives"!",  the legendary never-made film with Tim Burton directing a Kevin Smith script that would have starred Nicolas Cage as Superman; several "Fridays With Dean" episodes with myself and Dean Evans wrapping up the week's craziness...

If you haven't already checked out the show, now's your chance - click on the faces of the Three Wise Men below:

Thanks!  Seacrest, out!

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