Sunday, November 18, 2012

State Of The Unions...

I posted this to Facebook the other day, and it prompted a lot of discussion, so I thought I'd throw it out here for people to consider.

"If employers provided a fair wage, safe working conditions, reasonable hours and some kind of opportunity for their workers to advance within the company, there wouldn't be a need for Unions.

However, when left to their own devices, employers choose to under-pay their employees and reward themselves with huge salaries and bonuses. They leave workers in conditions that are physically dangerous or

harmful to their health. They want overtime with no pay, longer work weeks and throw some kids on those assembly lines while you're at it. They don't want to provide health care or benefits. They want to pay less than minimum wage to "bring jobs back" to our country, the same jobs they shipped out, so they wouldn't have to pay the minimum wage.

If employers weren't such dicks, workers wouldn't have to be such dicks.

And that's why Unions exist."

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