Monday, July 2, 2012

Growing The Show

My apologies to those who actually stop by to check this blog out from time to time; life has been so hectic in the past months that nothing has been updated or reported over here on The Ol' Blogaroo (which sounds like a potential title for a regular column about the Bonnaroo music festival)...

Ladies, this is what a sexy liberal looks like...

Just finished a show today with comedian/actor/political pundit/sexy liberal John Fugelsang. He's a bright, funny guy who knows his sh*t, if you don't mind my saying so. He is impassioned about his beliefs, and he can back them up with a rapid-fire series of facts and figures that will leave the average head spinning. If you didn't catch it live, check out our archive at New Dissident Radio, Stitcher or, naturally, iTunes. Or, you could click this link, which will play John's episode.

In fact, if you have a minute could you please swing by the iTunes page, rate the show and write up a quick review...? It would help boost us on their lists, possibly getting us more exposure on the site, which translates into bigger numbers for the show.

Bigger numbers for the show mean bigger and better guests (although, as you'll see in the archives, I've had some amazing guests, ranging from Presidential candidates to Nobel Prize winners; Tea Party leaders and participants of the Occupy Movement; comics, singers, poets and dancers. Wait. No dancers, yet, although I'm sure a few of them could cut a mean rug...)

Bigger and better guests mean increased numbers and awareness, which means more listeners, and eventually, a wave, a tidal wave, no, a sudden tsunami of activity and notoriety, leading me to a place in the national consciousness, where I take advantage of my moment in the spotlight to advocate for a more reasonable approach to our politics, common sense solutions that get more people back to work and bring the country back to a better, more solid footing.

Then, I start speaking out about the military-industrial complex, Chem-trails and Big Pharma. (Wait a minute, I'm not Alex Jones. Let's see...) I start speaking out about Monsanto, Jay Leno and cars that run on rainbows and puppy love.

(Seriously, the car runs on puppy love. You charge the car by parking it near a middle school at recess. Sex offenders will not be able to take full advantage of these vehicles.)

With a frightening responsive speed, in a series of clandestine, behind-closed-doors meetings, Jay Leno will eventually call, in a high-pitched tone, for my head on a stake, while his own noggin rocks rapidly in that bobble-head pattern he's assimilated over the years.

A giant, genetically modified ear of corn will be sent to assassinate me.

In a final, desperate act, I will incinerate my attacker, my home and myself using a canister of Napalm I keep around the place to sprinkle on roasts and grilled foods. (Adds a little kick.) When the firemen finally locate our bodies in the charred remains of my once-proud $42 million mansion, they will look upon our corpses and think that I died trying to make the biggest batch of popcorn anyone has ever seen.

I always wanted to be cremated. And buttered and salted.

*     *     *

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd link to this film I shot and edited as a collaboration with Ralph Phillips (of Blue Monarch LA Productions) and Hilary Lentini (of Lentini Design ). This short film called "The Last Days Of Water...?" about the on-going drought and the scarcity of water in Southern California was presented at the 2010 L. A. Municipal Water District's Global Water and Technology Forum. I think it holds up pretty well.

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